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Inspired by the Crypto and NFT markets, I have created a unique style of art blending my organic materials with crypto currencies and NFTs 

How does it work?

If you own an NFT or a crypto currency then get in touch !

I can transform your asset into a work of art, combining the essence of the asset with

organic materials , such as sand , earth, metal oxides, bronze, gold leaf.

A unique piece of art which you can hang on a wall and show your friends, explain the history of the piece without having to turn on your computer 

How do I place an order?

Together we can discuss your asset and ways in which we can transform it. 

Any input from you would be very welcome!

Maybe you already have an idea you would like to discuss?

My goal is to make you happy by producing a unique work of art you can be proud of

Get in touch directly with me through this website or by emailing

How do I make a purchase?

 You can purchase the NFT version on Opensea using crypto 

Or by standard bank transfer


Once you have purchased the NFT your unique artwork

can be shipped anywhere in the world from my workshop in France

finished coolcat_edited.jpg
genesiskong detail.jpg

Crypt'organix #3

Genesis Kong/Banana Drop

120cm x 80cm on canvas


Price: 8 ETH

Crypt'Organix #2

Cool Cat/Hirst

120cm x 80cm on canvas


Price: 8 ETH

Crypt'organix #1

Etherium Coin

120cm x 80cm on canvas

Price: 8 ETH


eth detail_edited.jpg

The following paintings and sculptures are for sale
International delivery is possible


Welcome to the world of Cookcats
Cookcats are really cool collectable cats!Each Cookcat is handmade in my art studio and each Cookcat is unique !
Cookcats are stored on the blockchain as an NFT collection which means you can prove at anytime your Cookcat is the one and only original version.The first Cookcat I ever made was a David Bowie Cookcat which was ordered for the clients girlfirend, and the second was for the wife of a cryptocurrency investor !
Cookcats can be made to order in any design and colour,  so if you have a cheeky idea, why not have a Cookcat made specifically for you or for someone you know ?
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