This summer I will be hosting organic art classes in my art gallery workshop in Antibes.

You can spend the day enjoying life as an artist !

Impress your friends at home with your own organic painting on 40cm x 30cm canvas with its own authentification certificate signed by the artist himself !

You will discover:

1. preparation : frame assembly  and stretching the canvas

2. how to create unique textures using plaster and organic materials such as burlap, sand, charcoal, seeds, earth, and other organic materials 

3. learn how to create your own unique colours using metal oxides, acrylic paints, gold powders, spices, gold silver and bronze leaf

4. learn special effects using sun drying , sponge work, sanding, scraping, float effects, collage

a perfect day to enjoy during your holidays !

9.30am- 12.30am    /    2pm - 4.30pm    full day


JULY  9th   World Map

JULY 16th  Fish

JULY 23rd  Patchwork

JULY 30th  World Map

Price:   190€

The price includes: all materials and tutorage 

                                 a 40cm x 30cm canvas 

                                 morning coffee 

There will be maximum 8 people per class

it is possible 1adult+1child ( to work together)

IT IS POSSIBLE to book a full class for 8 people for the day, outside the specified dates

For this there will be a group discount of ONE FREE PLACE

Please get in touch to organise your own private gallery day !

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gallery july 2022.jpg